Global UAM/AAM Joint Development Project
– 2-Seater eVTOL Aircraft

AM-20 is a two-seater UAM/AAM aircraft co-developed with AEROMECH in the United States. Planned uses include domestic and foreign UAM demonstration projects as well as for training UAM/AAM pilots. Additional applications include intra-urban transport, emergency/first response and small cargo transport.


Passenger No 2 Wing width 10.25m
MTOW 880kg Length 7m
Load weight 200kg Height 2.5m
Cruise Speed 185km/h Motor 6 (2 Tilt propeller, 4 Fixed rotor)
Mission time 45min Type Lift & Cruise


  • Global Joint Development UAM

    Planned domestic production through joint
    development with global companies

  • Controllability & Stability

    Minimal complexity to transition and
    maintain vertical and horizontal flight modes

  • Efficient Type

    Tilting propeller technology applied to lift & cruise
    configuration-Performance Validation
    with scale model in 2023

  • Lightweight Composite Material

    Application lightweight technology using
    Carbon Composite Materials


  • UAM/AAM Pilot Training
  • Demonstration Business
  • Private Aircraft
  • Transport, Emergency/First response