We are aiming to be the global key player
in the UAM market as an
Air Mobility Solution Provider
based on successful development of
LSA and capabilities of mass production

2022 ~ 2004

  • 2022
    03Ceremony for the release of the Marine Mission Vertical Takeoff and Landing Plane (MVUS)
    02Incheon Metropolitan City UAM Demonstration City Implementation Memorandum of Understanding
    Korean Air vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle development cooperation agreement signed
  • 2021
    05Establishment of Anseong factory
  • 2020
    07Application of Type Certification of KLA-100 to China CAAC
    05Delivery of 2nd KLA-100 LSA
    01Establishment of China`s Jiangsu VESSEL
    (Production Corporation)
  • 2019
    12Split-off VESSEL’s aerospace department Foundation of VESSEL AEROSPACE Co, Ltd.
    10Delivery of 1st KLA-100 LSA
    06Nominated to R&D Project, Maritime UAS for Marine Management
    04Nominated to R&D Project, OPPAV
    (Optionally Piloted VTOL Air-Vehicle)
  • 2018
    01Establishment of Drone Convergence R&D Center
  • 2017
    12KLA-100 LSA Safety Certified by KIAST
    11AS9100D Certified
    061st Flight of KLA-100 Light Sports Aircraft
    02Establishment of Cheonan factory of Aerospace Dep.
  • 2015
    12Award of 50M USD Export
  • 2013
    12Establishment of Aerospace Dep.
    Selected by the MOLIT as a developer of LSA(KLA-100)
    * MOLIT : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
  • 2004
    06Establishment of VESSEL