The Game Changer of the Future Battlefield, Launched Type UAV

MUM-T(Manned-Unmanned Teaming) refers to the cooperation between manned and unmanned platform.
It is the next-generation of systems that drawing attention in the aviation and military markets.
Vessel Aerospace's VAM-400/800 models are independent R&D models that challenges Korean MUM-T Solutions.


Wing Span 1400mm / 1800mm Operational Range 5~10km
Fuselage Length 1000mm / 1200mm UAV Type or
Geometric Type
Folded Fixed Wing
MTOW 7kg Mission
EO/IR, Warhead
Endurance 1 hour + Launcher Type Canister Launched
Cruise Speed 80~150 km/h


  • Canister Launched System

    It is possible to safely launch by using the air pressure of the canister, which is easy to carry & move.

  • Land / Air Launched System

    It is portable, operates UAV on
    mobility and rotary aircraft.

  • Swarming Mission

    In parallel, four or eight UAVs perform cluster missions.

  • Multi Mission Profile

    UAVs perform various mission such as
    broadcasting, transferring videos, surveillance
    the radio shadow area.

  • Artificial Intelligence Application

    Image recognition & mission completion
    based on A/I techniques.


  • Application of the MUM-T
  • Build up the tactical capabilities of Military's Rotor craft
  • Perform multiple mission including surveillance, observe and attack.