The Progenitor of Korean UAV – Suewon Unmanned Tech(SUT) Scanner ™

Developed in 2000, when the concept of drones was unfamiliar, Scanner was an only surveillance-specific drone for
mountainous terrain of Korea. VA-SUT has developed derivative new Scanner models
which leads to the new standards for portable drones.


Wing Span 2890mm Endurance 60~90min 이상
Fuselage Length 1105mm Cruise Speed 60~100km/h
MTOW 5kg Operational Range 5~10km


  • Portable

    A portable unmanned aerial vehicle that can be
    assembled and operated within 10 minutes.

  • Wing-Body

    Wing body type geometry optimized
    for mountainous domestic environments

  • Control Computer

    Equipped with flight control computers validated
    with a variety of operational experiences

  • Autonomy

    Autonomous flight functions such as mission setup,
    automatic flight, automatic return,
    emergency return, etc.

  • Customizing

    Provide mission equipment onboard and
    operational solutions to meet customer needs


  • Areas requiring independent operation
  • Easy-to-carry areas that require rapid operation
  • A field where surveillance, reconnaissance, and monitoring are the main tasks.
  • Areas of forest fire monitoring, marine pollution, transportation, security, facility monitoring