Vessel Aerospace aims to be the global key player in the UAM market as an Air Mobility Solution Provider based on successful development of certified aircrafts and capabilities of mass production

  • PAV airframe/parts development/manufacturing
    PAV provider in the UAM industry
    Development and mass production of the composite airframe and parts
    Development of certification technology for final assembly and test evaluation
    Development of high efficiency propellers for eVTOL
    System Integration for electric propulsion and fuel cell
  • Designing and operating
    of B2B services
    Demonstration of services such as UAM facilities, equipment, operations, and control
    PAV MRO service
  • Building ground infrastructure
    Planning the first UAM demonstration complex near capital region that provides UAM flight test and operation

R&D Project

[OPPAV(Optionally Piloted Personal Air Vehicle)]

  • Project name : Distributed Electric Propulsion Single-Seat Optionally Piloted VTOL Air-Vehicle System.
  • Department : MOLIT, MOTIE
    MOLIT : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport,
    MTI : Ministry of Trade and Industry
  • Supervision Institution : Korea Aerospace Research Institute
  • Participation Institution : Hyundai Motor Company, Vessel Aerospace, Korea Aviation Technologies, Korea Aerospace Industries, LTD., DUTA Technology
  • Project period : 20.04.01~23.12.31
  • Development Duties of Vessel Aerospace : Propulsion system & airframe structure design, manufacturing, final assembly, flight test
Propulsion System Distributed Electric Propulsion Operational Mode VTOL
Cruise Speed 200km/h MTOW 650kg
Max Speed 240km/h Wing Span 7.6m
Length 6.2m Airframe Structure Material Composite