Vessel Aerospace started manned aircraft business from 2013 and succeeded mass-production of LSA, KLA-100.
It is the first time among the private company in Korea. As the only private company that developed and manufactured certified LSA, we are striving to contribute to reinforce the Korean aviation industry competitiveness by developing various models such as the multi-seater, eco-friendly, manned-unmanned small aircraft.

  • Airframe development /
    Airframe development based on customer`s requirements
    Airframe manufacturing with composite manufacturing technology
    A large manufacturing factory in China (Ongoing process for acquiring Chinese TC, PC)
  • Test and certification
    Ground test & flight test
    Having specified organization for aircraft certification
  • Providing
    Aircraft Platform
    Providing safe aircraft platforms that have safety certification
    Participating in electric aircraft development business, KLA-100e
  • Rental and Sales
    Cooperation with hangars, flight education schools near the capital area

R&D Project


  • Project name : VLA class(Part 23, Level1)two-seater lightweight aircraft development
  • Supervision Institution : Vessel Aerospace
  • Project period : 2018.04.01 ~ 2024.06.30
  • Development Part of Vessel Aerospace
    : Development of VLA class lightweight aircraft, market analysis about VLA class lightweight aircraft in domestic and aboard area
Cruise Speed 100kts Endurance 6h +
MTOW 650kg Take Off Run 500m
Stall Speed 45kts
Landing Run 500m
Range 1,400km Service Ceiling 14,000ft
  • VA Project
    • Project name : Reengineering KLA-100 as electric propulsion
    • Supervision Institution : Korea Aerospace Research Institute
    • Project period : 2019.04.15 ~ 2022.12.31
    • Development Part of Vessel Aerospace : Co-designing, manufacturing KLA-100 airframe platform